Are You The Right Person For Surgery & Why Rhinoplasty Can Be The Right Choice For Your Nose

alberta rhinoplasty surgeonsBefore actually getting the surgery, we recommend you go in for computer imaging. This is the process of manipulating your photo in a digital program and changing your nose into various nasal and tip contours. This really helps the patient figure out if a certain type of goal can be obtained. See because they have the top information on nose jobs in Alberta.

This is also a great communication tool for the patient and surgeon because it sets the generated image to many different looks and you can work on it together. Many surgeons actually can get the image that was taken from the program and have a extremely close result on the actual nose itself.

Why Choose Rhinoplasty Surgery In Alberta Canada?

Cauterization can be used after the surgery if bleeding occurs. This is very rare and only happens on special occasions but when it does happen then methods such as this or packing can be used to reduce the bleeding. After the surgery it is best not to move around too much and stay as non-active as possible because this will also keep you from bleeding or reduce the swelling and keep you healing on time. Some surgeons will recommend a liquid diet for about twenty hours after the surgery. It is not supposed to be painful post-surgery and if it is make sure to consult your doctor and ask them about it. This is the time to be very vocal and communicative with your doctor because you want your recovery to go smoothly. When lying down you want your head to be raised at an angel and elevated with pillows of some sort. Another great tip is to take some ice and ice your area around your nose including your eyes to reduce the swelling. You can ask your doctor to prescribe some pain medication for you if you do need it but many do not have to go that far and are ok with just the regular old Tylenol.

nose jobs

Cosmetic nasal surgery is most of the time also called the nose job and has to be done in certified locations. It is recommended that you stop taking any type of medication that may affect the surgery, ones like common medicine like aspirins, some vitamins, anti-inflammatory products and others. If you are of a certain age like over the age of forty or fifty then some Calgarian rhinoplasty surgeons will also want you to get a clearance in the medical arena because it makes everything a lot safer. It is also a good idea and recommended to not take any kind of alcohol for six to 7 days before the surgery because you can save yourself from some extra bruising.  Another tip you can take with you is taking to thousand milligrams of vitamin C before and after because it can help with the reduction of swelling.

When picking the right surgeon it is best to double check that he/she has a certified anesthesiologist on staff, one that has been part of a certified Anesthesiology department. You do want to have regular nurses providing it because it is a lot safer and better if you have a certified professional for nasal surgery. When you have anesthesia it will protect your airway so blood does not flow back and enter the lungs – irritating you. Usually you will be under with anesthesia for about two hours which is the length of the surgery in the office for most cases.

Final Conclusions on Nose Jobs

When you do decide to get the surgery and have made the final decision then make sure you kept at reason fresh in your mind and remind yourself why you are doing it. Many people in Alberta you come in contact with including your family may be resentful and have their own biases and thoughts about the surgery and it could be negative. Try to stay positive and hare your plan with people who will lift you up and stay positive during the whole process. It actually help to have someone by you ride that will be a positive voice in your ear. Know that your family has your back during the surgery helps but if they don’t then keep that reason in your mind and stay focused on your results.

Why A Nose Job?

When deciding to get a nose job one with really any doctor in the city, you will be faced with number one questions that you should get answered before you even decide to continue on with the whole process. Are you compatible with getting the surgery? Have you received any rhinoplasty in the past? What is your goals? You want to make sure you have realistic goals and know what your limitations are when getting into the surgery. How much does it cost, of course you want to know how much the surgeon is going to charge you. Usually it ranges from three thousands to fifteen thousand. This is the range you want to be aware of.

If you ever have any questions or you want to come into for a free consultation then you can get in contact with us or message one of our professionals on our staff page. They are usually waiting by the phones to help you out. Our newly renovated Edmonton Surgery Office is a also ready to go if you are located higher north in Alberta.

  • what are your goals?
  • what are your limitations?
  • how much does it cost?
  • have you have rhinoplasty done in the past?
  • what are the plan before and after the surgery
  • do you have an example of the results you want

When Getting A Nose Job In Your Local Canadian City; Is It Right For You? Ask A Surgeon.


There will still be swelling during the first few weeks so make sure you prepare yourself for that. Your family and friends will still notice that you had a surgery done so don’t be expecting to heal up right away. Most rhinoplasty patients still see bruising, redness and more swollen during the first 2 weeks for sure. Do not worry too much during this process because we will be with you every step of the way and we can follow up with you whenever you need us. We are usually following up with our patients even three hundred and sixty five days later to make any changes or to see how they are going. We don’t leave you out there to just heal yourself; we will be there to advise you every step of the way and to give you support. Your facial surgery can be as simple as finding the right doctor.

Can a nose job be right for you?

Ask yourself this question before getting into a life long commitment like nose jobs. This can really change your life and your self image because if the way you will feel and how you will see yourself.


Why This Facial Surgical Process Has Changed The World For Doctors In Canada

rhinoplasty calgaryBy working on the faces of popular celebrities, social elite and models of the world, you will find that the best plastic surgeon in Calgary and top facial surgery expert is found in the most certified offices we have built. We keep the rhinoplasty patients a secret because they do not want to be disclosed but we do have deals with a few that do not mind their testimony being shared with the public. By being a surgeon since the early nineties our doctors have exceptional skill in all the technical aspects to achieve the most natural beautiful looking noses and faces. We have achieved surgical and non-surgical results just as a sculptor would with a masterpiece.

When doing rhinoplasty you may want to find a surgeon who can do the surgery with minimum cutting techniques. I you are a healthy teen or adult looking for rhinoplasty in Alberta, Canada then we ave found some of the best companies and doctors in the city today. Doctors who have been congratulated on television like fox news or the local Calgary morning news. We have worked with the best of the best to find you who is who in the surgery market today. They may have long waiting lists but if you go through us and find what your looking for through us then you can have a shortened wait time. By understanding what is harmonious with the nose and can blend that with the facial features of the patient then that is what will work best and the surgeons we work with know how to do just that. Like we said, if you are healthy and have a strong mind then you are a  good candidate for rhinoplasty.

Most who undergo this kind of nose job procedure have life changing results that increase their confidence and self esteem that can really change lives. If you are still wondering if you are the right person for the surgical process then just ask yourself if you have breathing problems or over the age of fifteen? Are you of good physical health and emotional health? Are you limited because of your nose and can’t breath well? Have you suffered from an injury in the past or just unhappy with your nose? If you answered any of these questions yes then you are a good candidate for the surgery.


When choosing which type of surgeon is better for your situation then go to our contact page or our doctor and medical staff page to read more about our office and what we can do for you. We offer many different types of packages for you and your personal situation.

Top surgical facial operation tips.

When you are deciding to have rhinoplasty done then of course it is a personal and important decision you have to live with for the rest of your life so we want to help you make that decision. If you want to come in for a free consultation then we can help you understand the whole process a little better and if you can have certain thing done. We can also tell you what your limitations are and what it will take to get your results. Your health coverage may even pay for the surgery and insurance could cover the whole thing or partial if your nose is blocking the sinus. If you need to straighten a crooked septum or if you need valve surgery.

Why facial rhinoplasty?

  • Most popular surgery today
  • most done by doctors around the world
  • very cost effective if you choose the right doctor
  • many reviews on the market so you can see what has been done
  • millions of positive reviews by people around the world
  • we can find you the best in Calgary for your surgery
  • more information on the internet so you can do your own research

With technology and practices getting better all around the whole, more and more celebrates and social figures are getting rhinoplasty. With this more and more of the public is also tuning to this type of surgery. This has really become one of the most popular on the market today. Many sport players who have injuries as well turn to this type of surgery and they get their sinus or nasal passages fixed. The date is March 2015 and with the most updated information we can get you the best results.

Benefits of A Phenomenon That Is Nose Surgeries. Repair, reconstruct, create; Rhinoplasty

rhinoplasty surgeons locationsThere are literally millions of rhinoplasty patients around the world and in history altogether; who have enjoyed the benefits of the phenomenon that is rhinoplasty. By creating a more attractive and natural way of life for these patients, it is no wonder more and more people turn to this type of surgery.

It is important to remember that although it is a wonder to have a reconstruction done to fix a bad accident or a birth imbalance. It is also important to know that having too many surgeries to one spot can leave you with permanent disfigurement. Many celebrities or wealthy individuals actually have a borderline dangerous obsession with too many rhinoplasty surgeries that can leave them with a disfigurement beyond repair. Always be safe and keep your expectations responsible.nose job

When meeting with a rhinoplasty professional, they will understand your needs and discuss the benefits on the surgery itself. Of course it is also important to help you understand the alternatives and review all the risks and potential complications. When walking into a consultation which is free – the right professional will help you make the best choice for health and for your overall wellbeing. When going into the process make sure to note that you may be in for three different types of reasons.

How to get in contact with a professional:

  • Do an easy Google search in your area – you will get local results
  • Open up the yellow pages and start calling rhinoplasty offices in your area
  • You can usually book free consultations with local surgeons
  • ask friends or family that have done the surgery
  • they will usually have recommendations for you

Reconstructive purposes for surgery.

One may be for reconstructive purposes to help you if you have been in a traumatic situation. Second is for functional proposes which aims to improve the overall use of the nose itself. Lastly, it can be done for aesthetic proposes which is done to create a more pleasing nose. Find a plastic surgeon and medical staff that has done plenty of all three. On some occasion some patients will come in and have already done 1 or more rhinoplasty surgeries and may want to just improve their current one.

rhinoplasty results

Contact Dr. Gamel for more information.


You can recover in no time after rhinoplasty!

If you have got rhinoplasty done in the last year then you should be reaping the results. It can be an amazing thing to have the best possible surgery done by the best possible doctor and then have it finish healing.

In this video you will see that the surgery heals a lot faster then you think.

Rhinoplasty in Calgary can be fund at some of the simplest places. Let us be that simple place for you.