Victoria, BC heating and cooling company owner gets facial surgery.

company owner hvac victoria bcWe are happy to offer some inspiration to those who are just regular guys out there looking to improve something on their face a little by little. We did work on a Victoria, British Columbia resident who is an owner of a Victoria HVAC service. He is just a regular guy who works on commercial or residential heating repairs and air conditioning unit repairs. We were actually surprised that a worker of his stature was interested in getting facial surgery. This just lets you know that anyone, no matter what you do and who you are, can get surgery and its OK to do so.

We work with many people in Canada who do many different things like mechanical engineering and businesses owners. It really doesn’t matter if you like surgery or not, we can help answer all the questions you may have about the process. Regardless of what you do for a living, for example, you could also work on gas furnaces or even build fireplaces in homes, it doesn’t matter. If you want to learn more about his company then go to and see more info.

We can help you with any kind of surgery you may be interested in getting. All it takes is you, going to our contact page or even clicking through to some of the resources we provide on our homepage and see which companies we recommend to you. We make it a habit to only work with the best companies across Canada. We work with some of the greatest services in places like Victoria or Vancouver island while staying ahead of the game. Keep in mind that we are also here to answer your questions so go to our navigation and find an email where you can get in contact with one of our specialists. Since we offer great reports like this, they even offer our viewers discounts on AC repairs and HVAC services! It’s amazing to have some valuable partnerships in the industry. Thank you to the owner of local hvac pros, he got the surgery he wanted and we are very happy for him!

Is Rhinoplasty Right For Me?


In case you haven’t visited our site before, Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure which amends anomalies in the nose or simply aids in minimizing or re-sculpting it. While it is quite a popular procedure these days, it isn’t for everyone and serious thought must be put it into it before calling up one’s local plastic surgeon.

For most people, Rhinoplasty is a personal choice, which people decide on for a number of reasons. Perhaps a larger than average nose is keeping a young person from becoming a successful model, or an actor has been chosne for a big role and yet the leading character isn’t slated as Cyrano de Bergerac. Kidding, of course, but you get my meaning I’m sure.

Luckily, there are Rhinoplasty facilities nearby all of us, offering much in the way of consultation and sound decision making when taking the final plunge underneath a plastic surgeon’s scalpel. Cost is something that one should certainly consider, especially since it’s the experience you fork out your dollars for. The best Rhinoplasty surgeons will run a person a decent amount of money, but we are talking about a nose here. Do you really want to come out of a botched procedure looking worse than you did beforehand?


Our noses are one of the first items on our face people take notice of. If they’re out of wack, for lack of a better term, then they literally stick out like a sore thumb. Which is exactly why Rhinoplasty may be the decision for you as an individual. Like it or not, we live in a world where physical appearance is what creates the first impression for most people. Impressing others can sometimes be a costly endeavor and if that means we have to go under the knife for a few hours and chill out while the surgery heals up, so be it.

Again though, make sure you choose wisely, as some time will be needed for the healing process and finding the right Rhinoplasty surgeon is paramount to an appropriate result for your facial structure. How many big name celebrities have we seen on ET with horrible nose jobs? They chose the cheap way out and look at where it got them. These are our noses we’re talking about. So be smart, practical and make sure you get what you’re looking for when it comes to Rhinoplasty.

Vancouver Rhinoplasty Surgeries on the rise! The best in the city?

vancouver rhinoplasty

It is said that among the top surgeons around the nation, rhinoplasty is of the most complex and challenging of the bunch. It takes very acute surgical skills and experience in facial surgery. When you can study with Vancouver rhinoplasty surgeons and learn from surgeons who have vast experience in facial rhinoplasty surgery and have written books on the subject, then you will really get a good understanding. Changing the cosmetic look of the nose is why rhinoplasty exists. That is the main reason why people preform the surgery. With more advanced technologies in rhinoplasty getting more and more improved by the years, many of the older sixty aged and above are now getting the surgery.

When choosing rhinoplasty surgery – you have to note that there a only a couple of types that people choose from. Closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty. Closed is when incision are made inside the nose. Open is when a cut is made across the columella and only used when the surgery is complex and the plan is a little more complex.

When getting rhinoplasty done, you need to make sure that when you find a surgeon in Vancouver, that they are going to preserve the nose’ architectural integrity of the nose itself. The framework of the nose is very important to the facial integrity and you need to make sure that the surgeon is going to preserve that. If you have anymore questions regarding find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in your local city, we work with only he best doctors and surgeons in the city so we will be able to point you in the right directions. If you have questions regarding any type of rhinoplasty or facial surgery we can also answer your questions. Our surgeons that we work with and recommend will have decades of experience in the industry and will have more then enough information and free consultations for you to get all your questions answered.

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Plastic Surgery Procedure and Nose Job Processes

rhinoplasty surgeonWhen getting a plastic nose surgery like rhinoplasty, you want to find a cosmetic surgeon who wont do risky maneuvers or aggressive procedures. A safe approach that is a little conservative at first is the best bet to having natural looking results. Patient safety is of the most important when it comes to this medical field and we work with only the best surgeons in the province when it comes to experience and maximizing safety and protocol surgery certifications. After the rhinoplasty the skin on the nose will wrap the cartilage and bone becoming a life long healing process that takes over a year to see the real results of the surgery.

The cartilage must heal strong and kept stable in the healing process because when the skin does shrink and wrap around, you do not want it to cause a pinch and a collapsing effect which will give you breathing problems and may produce some unwanted results. Our surgeons make sure that you will have long term results and predictable success.

Plastic surgery for the nose is one of most difficult surgeries do perform out of all the different types of surgeries out there. Some of the things that can be fixed when getting rhinoplasty done is to remove the bump on the bridge of the nose, fix a crooked nose, fix a wide or narrow nasal tip, or just any type of mis-configurations or damages to the nose. The bone and the cartilage that the surgeon manipulates are a little awkward to to surgery on which is why is is one of the most difficult but with our experts on staff you will definitely get the best surgery money can buy

If you want more information on getting top plastic rhinoplasty done then make sure you fill out the form on the side and we will make sure you get in touch with one of our professionals.

Certified Edmonton Rhinoplasty Surgeon Search For Highly Trusted Practitioners

Looking to find a rhinoplasty surgeon in Edmonton who can answer all your questions for you and be the guide to the right operation and ultimately the right nose job for your face? We know that when you need a plastic surgeon right away it can be hard because of all the demand in the big city of E-Town, so we have brought you one of the best in the city and their office is at the heart of the area too.

There are some different types of rhinoplasty surgery that you should be aware of before going in for your free consultation with us or any of the medical offices we recommend to you. The first is Closed rhinoplasty which is used for only minor nose surgeries, the surgeon makes a small incision within the nose itself and the skin will be separated from the cartilage and the bone. Then the cartilage can be shaped to make the desired result that the patient is looking for. The bone and cartilage can be augmented, rearranged and reshaped to the desired results then the skin is redraped over the new shaped nose.

Edmonton rhinoplasty surgery

Nose Job Surgeon in Alberta Edmonton?

Next is the filler rhinoplasty which is also known as the non surgical nose job Edmonton which uses injectables that will fill and restore the symmetry of your nose so you can have those imperfections taken care of and you can easily fix those small imperfections, keep in mind that these result are not permanent results. Some choose this because they have a party or special gathering coming up and they want to look their best but they do not want to go in for the full surgery. Next as part of the Edmonton nose reshaping rhinoplasty we have the open type that is used for most of the major nose operations. The procedure consists of splitting the nostrils by making an incision down the vertical part of the skin, the surgeon then will lift all the skin on the nose to view the inside of the nose to do the surgery and perform any augmentations or reshaping the was planned.

Ethnic nose surgery Edmonton is another style dealing with another popular request by Ethnic nationalities. this will consist of Asians, Hispanic, African Americans. The nose shapes can be a little different for each nationality and so it is a whole new category all in itself. Another important type is the revision style which can fix any problems that a past surgeon has caused you. Some unsettling can happen over a number of years so even though the surgeon did a great job years ago, you may want to come in and have a revision done to make sure that you are totally happy with the results. A small touch up or minor surgery can be done. This is a more costly surgery because of the complications that can arise from opening the nose a second time.

rhinoplasty surgeons in Edmonton

Cost of rhinoplasty?

If you are even considering on finding the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Edmonton then we can help you with just that, price is big on many peoples list and a deciding factor when looking for someone the cost of rhinoplasty in Edmonton can be a huge because some may not want to spend the ten thousand dollars a an amazing surgeon but have that six thousand and want ten thousand dollars in quality. If you have any questions regarding the prices that we have found, make sure to see our contact page or leave us a short message on the side of the website, our specialists will be there to answer your questions regarding the subject and have all the answers for you.

Our medical staff have decades of experience in the surgical industry and know what it takes to get you the results and the answers you are looks for. That is what we are best at finding, we like to match the surgeon with the patient and make sure that the patient is getting above and beyond that dollars amount that they would be paying. You can expect to pay on average three thousand to nine thousand dollars for a good nose job Edmonton because of the quality factor that we keep in mind. If you have a little extra to pay for even higher quality services then you can look at someone who will charge in total after all the fees an amount that would be in the range of ten twelve thousand dollars to sixteen thousand dollars.

Medicine Hat Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgeons Found Drastic Changes In Patient Self Image

medicine hat rhinoplasty

A study was done with one hundred patients noting their emotional states and how they felt about themselves before an after a rhinoplasty surgery. Test were made and recorded for each patient while undergoing the procedure and everything was documented from start to finish. It was found that many of the Medicine Hat patients felt  great going into the surgery because of all the confidence being built before hand and the results and inspiration that was provided pre-surgery. For a more detailed study and more information you can check out and see who we recommend as the best surgeon in the city.

The big thing to note was how they felt after and 97 out of the hundred felt more then two times better not only with their appearance but with their emotional state as well. We found that their self image increased and with that the overall outlook on life and their positive attitude too. This was an amazing discovery because many of the patients were just average people going to work and coming home and doing the same thing everyday so that boost in self confidence and zest for life was an amazing push forward.

Self image and rhinoplasty facial reconstructive operation.

It is also important to note that the patients with lower self esteem and lower self image did not have a huge jump in feeling and emotional sate. They did feel a little better but it is an interested fact to know that the surgery wasn’t a huge jump in state. We can take away from this that it is better for the patient to have a strong self image before hand then it will be much more drastic in change and positive results when that is fixed before the actually surgery. Some patients also did not feel a different in how they felt after the full recovery took place. That means there was something on a deeper level that was effecting their feelings. What a discovery – to find out that you can feel just as great and feel that zest with life even if you do not have a rhinoplasty surgery. This is amazing information for those in Medicine Hat and surrounding area because if your looking to get a nose job then it’s better to look on the inside before deciding to change the outside.

If you have any questions regarding coming in for a free consultation or getting more information about getting any kind of surgery done then call us or email any of the doctors or medical staff in any of our offices and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are You The Right Person For Surgery & Why Rhinoplasty Can Be The Right Choice For Your Nose

alberta rhinoplasty surgeonsBefore actually getting the surgery, we recommend you go in for computer imaging. This is the process of manipulating your photo in a digital program and changing your nose into various nasal and tip contours. This really helps the patient figure out if a certain type of goal can be obtained. See because they have the top information on nose jobs in Alberta.

This is also a great communication tool for the patient and surgeon because it sets the generated image to many different looks and you can work on it together. Many surgeons actually can get the image that was taken from the program and have a extremely close result on the actual nose itself.

Why Choose Rhinoplasty Surgery In Alberta Canada?

Cauterization can be used after the surgery if bleeding occurs. This is very rare and only happens on special occasions but when it does happen then methods such as this or packing can be used to reduce the bleeding. After the surgery it is best not to move around too much and stay as non-active as possible because this will also keep you from bleeding or reduce the swelling and keep you healing on time. Some surgeons will recommend a liquid diet for about twenty hours after the surgery. It is not supposed to be painful post-surgery and if it is make sure to consult your doctor and ask them about it. This is the time to be very vocal and communicative with your doctor because you want your recovery to go smoothly. When lying down you want your head to be raised at an angel and elevated with pillows of some sort. Another great tip is to take some ice and ice your area around your nose including your eyes to reduce the swelling. You can ask your doctor to prescribe some pain medication for you if you do need it but many do not have to go that far and are ok with just the regular old Tylenol.

nose jobs

Cosmetic nasal surgery is most of the time also called the nose job and has to be done in certified locations. It is recommended that you stop taking any type of medication that may affect the surgery, ones like common medicine like aspirins, some vitamins, anti-inflammatory products and others. If you are of a certain age like over the age of forty or fifty then some Calgarian rhinoplasty surgeons will also want you to get a clearance in the medical arena because it makes everything a lot safer. It is also a good idea and recommended to not take any kind of alcohol for six to 7 days before the surgery because you can save yourself from some extra bruising.  Another tip you can take with you is taking to thousand milligrams of vitamin C before and after because it can help with the reduction of swelling.

When picking the right surgeon it is best to double check that he/she has a certified anesthesiologist on staff, one that has been part of a certified Anesthesiology department. You do want to have regular nurses providing it because it is a lot safer and better if you have a certified professional for nasal surgery. When you have anesthesia it will protect your airway so blood does not flow back and enter the lungs – irritating you. Usually you will be under with anesthesia for about two hours which is the length of the surgery in the office for most cases.

Final Conclusions on Nose Jobs

When you do decide to get the surgery and have made the final decision then make sure you kept at reason fresh in your mind and remind yourself why you are doing it. Many people in Alberta you come in contact with including your family may be resentful and have their own biases and thoughts about the surgery and it could be negative. Try to stay positive and hare your plan with people who will lift you up and stay positive during the whole process. It actually help to have someone by you ride that will be a positive voice in your ear. Know that your family has your back during the surgery helps but if they don’t then keep that reason in your mind and stay focused on your results.

How to you choose the right surgeon for your rhinoplasty?

rhinoplasty surgeon chairWhen deciding within yourself if you should get your nose done or in other words getting rhinoplasty surgery, you may want to ask yourself a few questions before deciding because it is a big choice to make.

We like to clear up a few things with you before you come in for a free consultation. Many of our patients come in for a consultation and then decide to get the surgery because of all the results that we can show them. We do get them the best results possible and give them the best doctors in the province but when you come in and see the results personally then it is a no brainer.

Before you think we will persuade you in getting a surgery done we would like you to ask yourself if you are actually the right candidate for the operation. Are you healthy inside and out and have a strong self image of yourself? Are you unhappy with a injury or accident that unbalanced your facial features? Do you have trouble breathing because of your nasal?

Are you happy with your nose but you just want to improve your breathing? If you answered yes to any of these questions then it will be ok if you got the rhinoplasty surgery. When you come into our surgery office and get more info on the subjects then we know you will have all the information you need to make the right choice.


Why A Nose Job?

When deciding to get a nose job one with really any doctor in the city, you will be faced with number one questions that you should get answered before you even decide to continue on with the whole process. Are you compatible with getting the surgery? Have you received any rhinoplasty in the past? What is your goals? You want to make sure you have realistic goals and know what your limitations are when getting into the surgery. How much does it cost, of course you want to know how much the surgeon is going to charge you. Usually it ranges from three thousands to fifteen thousand. This is the range you want to be aware of.

If you ever have any questions or you want to come into for a free consultation then you can get in contact with us or message one of our professionals on our staff page. They are usually waiting by the phones to help you out. Our newly renovated Edmonton Surgery Office is a also ready to go if you are located higher north in Alberta.

  • what are your goals?
  • what are your limitations?
  • how much does it cost?
  • have you have rhinoplasty done in the past?
  • what are the plan before and after the surgery
  • do you have an example of the results you want

When Getting A Nose Job In Your Local Canadian City; Is It Right For You? Ask A Surgeon.


There will still be swelling during the first few weeks so make sure you prepare yourself for that. Your family and friends will still notice that you had a surgery done so don’t be expecting to heal up right away. Most rhinoplasty patients still see bruising, redness and more swollen during the first 2 weeks for sure. Do not worry too much during this process because we will be with you every step of the way and we can follow up with you whenever you need us. We are usually following up with our patients even three hundred and sixty five days later to make any changes or to see how they are going. We don’t leave you out there to just heal yourself; we will be there to advise you every step of the way and to give you support. Your facial surgery can be as simple as finding the right doctor.

Can a nose job be right for you?

Ask yourself this question before getting into a life long commitment like nose jobs. This can really change your life and your self image because if the way you will feel and how you will see yourself.